An Illustrated Guide: "Must Have's For Baby #2"

When it's time to have your second baby, you naturally reflect on what you learned from your first. Some things you will be eager to do again. But other things you already know you want to avoid. 

Here are three great items I picked out for my second baby, thanks to what I learned from my first:


My first child had baskets of hats I bought for her before she was even born. How could I resist? Little bunny ears, fluffy pom poms. All adorable. All impossible to keep on her head, I soon learned. I put them on, she pulled them off. Little old ladies on the street would yell at me, "Your baby is cold!" 

Lesson learned: For my second child, I only used hats that closed around her chin and wrapped over her ears. I saved the cutie-pie hats for her dolls, and the functional hats for our walks outside. They stayed on, they kept her warm, and little old ladies stopped yelling at me.

 Baby hats with chin ties save the day

Baby hats with chin ties save the day


It was very exciting when my first baby sat in her big, fluffy high chair ready to eat her first solids. It was also very messy. I'd haul the high chair into the shower after a meal and spray it down, scraping all the dry cereal out of the tiny corners. And then I'd drag it back into the kitchen, where it sat, taking up tons of valuable kitchen real estate.

Lesson Learned: For my second baby I used the Fisher-Price Booster Seat. It straps onto our dining room chairs, which means Baby can eat at the table with us (family time!). It's entirely plastic so I just wipe it down with a paper towel after meals. Best of all, I don't have a bulky "baby throne" in the middle of the kitchen anymore. 

 Peas for dinner in our favorite  Fisher Price Booster Seat  

Peas for dinner in our favorite Fisher Price Booster Seat 


I had two winter babies, so I was always looking for easy way to keep them warm. But hats fell off. Socks disappeared. Sweaters rolled up their bellies. My first baby was in a rotating fashion show because I wanted her to wear all the cute (but kind of impractical) outfits I bought for her.

Lesson Learned: Long sleeve, long pant onesies, with zippers were my everything for the second baby. Many onesies leave their legs bare, or have dozens of buttons (not good for 1 am diaper changes). So when I found onesies that were warm and practical, I collected them in every color. 

 Warm arms and legs = Longer naps

Warm arms and legs = Longer naps

Lesson Learned: Solutions that make life easier and Baby happier are the secrets to a mother's sanity.

What tricks did you learn with your second that you wish you had known with your first?