born to be creative.

So I'm sitting here, writing this bio, but I have this amazing idea for a new project I want to do.

And the truth is, by this time next week, I'll probably have another idea.

That's what I do. I make, I create. And repeat.

I'm now a mommy to two little girls who fill my life with more sparkle than I could have ever imagined.

But I’ve always been an artist.

Both require my total passionate attention every day.

Whenever I discover an artist I like, I always click on their About page to read their bio. Writing a bio is the hardest (have you ever tried it?) but I love reading them.

From what I've seen, I could either give you a rundown of my resume (art director 10 years, art teacher 10 years), my education (BFA and MA) and list some awesome brands I've worked with (Milk Snob, Scholastic).

OR, I could just tell you how much I love coffee (so much), how cute my dog is (very) and how I met my incredible husband (jdate).

But I think I'd like my About page to be something in between all that.

I'm a chaser of dreams, a sensitive artist raising powerful girls, and if I were a superhero then creativity would be my superpower.

If you're an artist too, then I’m proud to be in your community. If you want to bring more art into your home, then I'm happy to guide the way. If you believe all children are artists, I wholeheartedly agree.

Either way, let's make something together.

(How’d I do?) XO, Naava