Home Decor: What’s for dinner?

I’m always thinking of new things I can draw on. Why limit yourself to paper?

We needed new salad plates, so instead of doing the typical trek to Bed Bath & Beyond, I thought it would be a lot more fun to design them myself. Yes, it’s more expensive than just using a 20% coupon for BB&B. But they feel like heirlooms to us now. We love using them everyday and these plates tell stories!

I discovered a great store on the upper west side called, Little Shop of Crafts. The people working there couldn’t have been nicer. It took a few months to finish these 5 plates. I used glaze paints, underglaze pencils, and very tiny brushes.

Each of these plates represent an important event in our lives. So now every time we eat salad, it’s a trip down memory lane.

Jan Small - Brilliant!!!

R e c e n t   B l o g   P o s t s