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Design Ideas
Get inspired!

This page will feature different ideas and inspirations for those involved in cupcake design. It will grow over the months!

Mario Brother's Cupcakes

Geeksugar promoted this edible art and I fell for this girl's work.
This image has me thinking about designing cupcakes that individually make up a whole image. As in, each one cupcake is part of the bigger picture. Anyway, see more of Naomi's other non-cute pastry art here. Although, actually, they are extremely cute. But I give her props because they are SO neat and tidy!

Computer Cupcakes & Road Signs

I read about these 2 moms who make really interesting cupcakes in California. I think this is the perfect examples of innovative pastry design. It's so not conventional. You can see more of their fun work by clicking here.

First Inspiration: The Cupcake Courier
I first learned about this from Jenna, who plays Pam Beesley on The Office. This is an invention her cousin-in-law created - and it's the greatest time-and-design saver ever for those trying to tranport 36 cupcakes without smuding your icing art. How aggrevating is that? Well, finally someone solved the problem. It's quite innovative, and attractive. And you can read more about it at her website.