Fashion by Mayhem illustrations

You’ve heard about Mayhem, right? The adorable little girl who, with the help of her witty mom, makes paper dresses and posts them on Instagram? Please tell me you’ve heard about this. And if you have, then you KNOW how much I love it. The art teacher in me saw this as the best art project ever. The mom in me can’t wait till I get to make art with my little one.

In the meantime, I illustrated some of my favorite photos by Mayhem.

Here’s Mayhem in two of her paper dresses.

What makes me smile the most is that her mom says its really been about the process, as Mayhem discovers her creativity. “It’s not really about fashion,” she says. So this illustration was inspired by a photo of Mayhem making a paper dress, surrounded by color and possibility.

Close up.

Styling in paper dresses.


Mommy & Me Yoga illustrations

I started a new illustration series based on Mommies doing yoga with their children. Most of the drawings were inspired by photographs I found on instagram (credit given!).

Some fun new art supplies have joined my entourage. Thick watercolor paper, tiny brushes, copic markers and prismacolor markers.


Inspired by a photograph of @hilariabaldwin who posts a new yoga posture a day on instagram. Check her out, she’s fearless!

Another drawing of @hilariabaldwin and her daughter


This image was inspired by a photo in an article about Mommy/Baby yoga in the May 2014 issue of @yogajournal

Inspired by a beautiful photo of @laurasykora and her daughter.

Close up of the little girl having fun in airplane pose.


Book Cover Lettering

I’ve written about some fun work I did for Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam in the past. Such as the hand-lettered logo for her new website, and the promotional graphics for her new book,Ramshackle Glam: The New Mom’s Haphazard Guide to (Almost) Having It All”.

But boy, was I excited to see the finished, published, glossy final version of her book cover. There’s the logo I designed for her, on the cover of a book!! Then I got a little misty eyed when I saw my name on the copyright page and again in the Thank Yous that Jordan was kind enough to include me in. It was such a thrill.

The fabulous cover illustration (as well as inside illustrations) were created by Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion, whose work I admire and am inspired by endlessly. It’s a wonderful honor to be in the company of these talented women.


Here’s a photo I posted on Instagram of the book:

Behind the book in this photo you can see all the iterations of lettering I tried out before we settled on the final logo.


Instagram Illustrations and Animations

I’ve recently discovered the culture of Instagram. I say culture, because it really has been like visiting another country. There’s new slang, social cues, and quirky mannerisms to pick up on.

I always thought of IG as just another app for high school kids, but I’ve discovered what an amazing source of inspiration it is for artists. So many creative people post their work daily. I especially love seeing all the behind-the-scenes images artists post so you can see how hard they work on their projects.

So yes, I joined! You can find me @naavaonline

For now my goal is to post one new drawing, painting, animation or sketch a day. All the text I include I require myself to hand-paint. It’s been really motivating. My primary muse right now is my daughter, and the sweet and funny moments we share together.

Here’s a few:

And these three are all stop-motion animations. Press play to watch/listen.

“The Rocking Chair”
Music credit: Johnson & Johnson Baby

“Checking on Baby with the light from my cell phone”
Music credit: Johnson & Johnson Baby

“How Baby does Broccoli”
Music credit: Dana Carvey, Saturday Night Live

Follow along here.

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