Meow Meow Cat Pattern Design

My daughter is of the age where I can start doing art projects with her. Which, as you can imagine, is what I’ve been looking forward to the most. As a proud mama, I can say she already holds a pencil better than I do. Better than most people I know, actually. And she’s quite good with scissors! Cutting paper is one of her favorite activities.

The other day I set up a paint station for her. Well, more like a big mat spread out in our living room. We used paint and construction paper and paper towels. I just let her explore. As I was watching her I got this idea that I could turn a lot of her “paint scribbles” into collage paper. I started sketching out ideas as soon as I could.

taly art1
taly art2

I painted along side her to create as many samples as I could. Later that night I started experimenting with cutting out different shapes from the painted paper. I drew circles on the back of the paper, and then cut them out, not knowing which brushstrokes would be preserved. It was pretty fun and results were beautiful. I’ve been posting a lot of in-progress images on instagram.

photo 3

My daughter is kind of obsessed with cats right now. She always asks me to draw them, “Braw! Myow!” she says, handing me pen after pen. My-ow is her precious sound for a cat. I decided to make her a cat pattern out of all the paper we painted together. This little geometric figure was born.

12-5 cat face3
12-5 cat face2

12-5 cat pattern

Then finally it was time to scan them in and turn them into something. I chose cafepress again and placed the design on t-shirts and home decor. And now they’re for sale!


Farmer’s Market Kid

My daughter was recently invited to a 2nd birthday party. We adore the birthday girl and especially her mom, and wanted to get her a gift that was really personable. Her mom is a nutritionist and (published) vegetarian expert. She introduced my daughter to dried mangos! And they LOVE farmer’s markets. So I set out to find something perfect.

But as the great stories always go, I couldn’t find anything just right. So I decided to make it myself.

Presenting my FARMER’S MARKET KID t-shirt design for babies, toddlers and kids. Also available on tote bags!

For sale now at


Fashion by Mayhem illustrations

You’ve heard about Mayhem, right? The adorable little girl who, with the help of her witty mom, makes paper dresses and posts them on Instagram? Please tell me you’ve heard about this. And if you have, then you KNOW how much I love it. The art teacher in me saw this as the best art project ever. The mom in me can’t wait till I get to make art with my little one.

In the meantime, I illustrated some of my favorite photos by Mayhem.

Here’s Mayhem in two of her paper dresses.

What makes me smile the most is that her mom says its really been about the process, as Mayhem discovers her creativity. “It’s not really about fashion,” she says. So this illustration was inspired by a photo of Mayhem making a paper dress, surrounded by color and possibility.

Close up.

Styling in paper dresses.


Mommy & Me Yoga illustrations

I started a new illustration series based on Mommies doing yoga with their children. Most of the drawings were inspired by photographs I found on instagram (credit given!).

Some fun new art supplies have joined my entourage. Thick watercolor paper, tiny brushes, copic markers and prismacolor markers.


Inspired by a photograph of @hilariabaldwin who posts a new yoga posture a day on instagram. Check her out, she’s fearless!

Another drawing of @hilariabaldwin and her daughter


This image was inspired by a photo in an article about Mommy/Baby yoga in the May 2014 issue of @yogajournal

Inspired by a beautiful photo of @laurasykora and her daughter.

Close up of the little girl having fun in airplane pose.

R e c e n t   B l o g   P o s t s